The process of how to plant

The process of how to plant the next one is the ground cover planting sago earlier results. One important thing to remember is that you should not overburden pressure and dengkel not to move. Soil layer on the top must diomasukan up to half of the hole, and if possible you can mix the root debris in it.
Tips in Choosing a Good Seed to Plant Sago

Before planting this plant, it would be nice if DAUNPKR.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAyou choose seeds that are less than 1 year old. Seeds are also advised to have a diameter of 10 to 13 cm. Suggested seed size is 2 to 3 kg.

Selection of sago seeds also should not be arbitrary. You must select a winning sago seeds in order to obtain sago palms are not problematic during planting or harvesting. Sago plants need adequate water as well so do the watering of the plants routinely.
Generative Methods for Plant Propagation Sago

For additional information, sago plants can also be propagated by multiplication, either using the method of vegetative and generative methods. Generative manner most preferred because of the way this is done by using the seeds from the fruit that was old and falling out of the tree. Seeds were selected to be derived from the parent seeds good tree will produce puppies that are good also.
SaguSagu Plant Maintenance (Metroxylon sp.) In the suspect originated from Maluku and Irian. In eastern Indonesia, sago has long used as a staple food by the majority of the population, especially in Maluku and Irian Jaya.

Sago of the genus Metroxylon, broadly classified into two, namely: the flowering or fruiting twice (Pleonanthic) and flowering or fruiting once (Hapaxanthic) that have important economic value, since it contains more carbohydrates. This group consists of 5 important varieties are: a). Metroxylon sagus, Rottbol or sago Molat; b). Metroxylon rumphii, or sago Tuni Martius; c). Metroxylon rumphii, Sylvestre varieties Martius Martius or sago ihur; d). Metroxylon rumphii, Martius Martius or sago varieties Longispinum Makanaru; e). Metroxylon rumphii, Martius Martius or sago varieties Microcanthum Rattan

Propagation of the sago palm are:

With the generative methods and
Vegetative. Generative by using seeds from the fruit that are old and fall from the tree. Seeds used were seeds from the parent tree good, fertile and high production

The amount of rainfall is optimal for the growth of sago between 2000-4000 mm / year, which is spread evenly throughout the year. Sago can grow to a height of 700 m above sea level (asl), but the best sago production is found to a height of 400 m above sea level. Optimum temperature for growth of sago ranged between 24,50 - minimum temperature of 29oC and 15oC, relative humidity 90%. Sago can grow well in the area of ​​100 LS - 150 N and 90-180 Darajat BT, which receives the light energy of the sun throughout the year. Sago can be planted in an area with 40% relative humidity air. Optimum moisture for growth is 60%.

Activities include the preparation of planting material; 1) Selection of seed, 2) treatment of seeds, and 3) nursery. The purpose of all these activities is to get good quality seeds, free of pests and diseases of plants so the seeds can be planted in the field with a higher percentage of survival. Cultivation activities Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014include:

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Good ground for pool maintenance is a type of clay / loam , not pivot . The type of soil can hold a large mass of water and does not leak so it can be made bund / wall pool .
The slope of the land is good for making the pond ranged from 3-5 % to facilitate irrigation ponds by gravity .
If the enlargement is done with nets floating catfish mounted tackle the right location is a fast-flowing river slowly .
Maintenance of water quality for catfish should be clean , not too keruhdan not polluted toxic chemicals , and oil / sewage plant . Water quality must be considered , to avoid mildew , it is necessary to add a solution of inhibiting the growth of fungi ( Emolin or Blitzich at a dose of 0.05 cc / liter ) .
Good water temperature at the time of egg hatching into larvae in aquariums is between 26-28 degrees C. In regions relatively low water temperatures necessary heater ( heater ) to achieve the optimum temperature is 
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The acidity of the water ranges : 6.5-7 .

How Raising Catfish

Catfish culture includes several activities , broadly divided into two activities, namely seeding and enlargement . Both types are generally not a popular activity performed by the public , because it is generally still rely on fishing activities in the natural ( river, lake , reservoir , etc. ) to meet the demand for catfish . Seeding activity is an attempt to produce seeds at a certain size . The final product in the form of seed of certain size , which generally is the period after the seed nursery . Catfish seed can be obtained from the catch in open waters . Usually towards the dry season in the morning using the gear mesh or netting . The seeds can also be purchased from the Institute of Freshwater Maintenance in West Java . Seeds collected in a container , and treated with caution for 2 weeks . If the water in the reservoir is already dirty , it should be replaced immediately with clean water , and try to avoid sunburn . Before the seed stocked , maintained in the nets used for 1 month , then moved into the hampang prepared . Broadly speaking catfish hatchery operations include the following activities :

Selection of candidates ready pijah parent .
Preparation stimulating hormone / pituitary gland from a donor fish , namely carp .
Mating injection ( induced breeding ) .
Ordering ( striping ) .
Hatching eggs .
Care larvae .
Nursery .
Harvesting .

In the growing cultivation , seeding spot and enlargement are often separated by a little distance away . Removal of seeds from the hatchery to the enlargement requires special handling in order to seed survived . The success of the transport of fish seed is usually very closely related to the physical and chemical conditions of the water , especially with regard to dissolved oxygen , NH3 , C
Agen Bola OnlineO2 , pH , and water temperature .

Preparation Facility and Equipment
Sought after location close to the pool water resources and flood free . Ponds constructed in sloping land with a slope of 2-5 % making it easier for irrigation ponds by gravity .
Parent pool maintenance
Pond area depending on the number of stem and management intensity . For example, for 100 kg aircraft requires an area of ​​500 square meters when relying only natural feed and bran . Whereas when fed pellets , then to 100 kg mains require extensive 150-200 square meters only. Rectangular shape of the pool should be bricked wall or ground pool with bamboo lined inside. Water inlet door can be installed with gutter and juice , while for water expenditure should be shaped monic .
spawning ponds
The place can be a spawning ground pool or tub wall . Size / pond area depending on the number of stem spawning spawning the rectangular shape of the pool . As a rule of thumb that for 1 breeding weighing 3 kg require an approximately 18 m wide by 18 pieces of 2 fibers / kakaban . Sloped towards the bottom of the pond disposal , to ensure that the bottom of the pool can be drained . Doors can be pralon income and expenditure can also use pralon ( if the size of small ponds ) or door monic . Hatchery pond shape is essentially the same as the spawning pool and often also for hatchery use spawning ponds . At the hatchery ponds arranged so that the incoming water can spread into areas that no eggs .
Good pond shape is rectangular . For this nursery activities usually there are some pools that first nursery with an area 25-500 m 2 and advanced nursery 500-1000 m 2 per plot . Water intake and expenditure can be pralon / disposal with monic shaped door . Bottom of the pool made ​​kemalir ( base line ) and expenditures made ​​by the door puddle . Kemalir function is the gathering place seed at harvest and pools to facilitate the capture of
ABCBOLA.COM Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014seeds . bottom of the pool sloped toward disposal . Additional plots that have high turbidity water ( river water ) needs to be created and the deposition bath tub filtration .
Preparing Seed
Seeds can be cultivated to be derived from the results of pond maintenance since childhood or catch the wild when the spawning season arrived . The ideal parent is of a herd of adult catfish pond enlargement results that can be chosen for the parent who is really good quality .
Seed Treatment and Care
Parent spawning catfish should be maintained to be used specifically in the floating cage . During maintenance , the parent fish fed a special diet that contains a lot of protein . Attempts to obtain mature eggs parent ever undertaken by the Sub Freshwater Fisheries Research Center Palembang is to provide a blob -shaped food ( pasta ) from the ingredients of chicken feed composition of 35% fish meal , 30 % fine bran , groats rice 25 % , 10 % soybean meal , vitamins and minerals as well as 0.5 % . Food is given five days a week by 5 % every day with the division of the morning and afternoon 2.5 % 2.5 % . In addition , given twice weekly trash as well as holding 10 % of fish weight . This step is performed to accelerate the maturity of gonads . The characteristics of the parent catfish gonads mature and ready for spawning are as follows :
female parent
The age of three years .
Size 1.5-2 kg .
Enlarged abdomen toward the anus .
Stomach feels soft and smooth to touch on .
Cloaca swollen and dark red .
The skin on the abdomen flabby and thin .
around the cloaca when pressed will come out a few eggs are round in shape and magnitude of the uniform .
male parent
The age of two years .
Size 1.5-2 kg .
Abdominal skin soft and thin .
When massaged akankeluar white semen .
Sex swollen and dark red .
Catfish seed aged 1 day were transferred to the aquarium measuring 80 cm x 45 cm x JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL 45 cm . Each aquarium filled with water boreholes that have been aerated . Fish stocking density was 500 fish per aquarium . Placed in each aquarium aerator in order to seed the need of oxygen can be provided . To maintain a stable room temperature and the temperature of the water used heater or stove can use to save money . Day old seeds should not be fed in addition to the outside because they still have food reserves in the form of yolk sac or egg yolk . On the third day , the seeds were given additional food such as fish emulsion is boiled chicken egg yolk . Furthermore gradually replaced with live foods such as Moina cyprinacea or commonly known as water fleas and mosquito larvae . Catfish enlargement can be done in a pool , floating on the net , through the pen and in the cage system .
Enlargement of catfish in ponds can be done through monoculture and polyculture systems .
In the enlargement catfish in floating nets , things to note are : the location of maintenance , how to use floating nets , how the condition of waters and water quality as well as magnifying process .
Catfish enlargement system on the pen , to note : site selection , water quality , how the implementation of the system , seeding , and feeding as well as control and their harvest .
In the enlargement catfish in cages , to consider issues : the selection of the location , stocking , supplementary feeding , control and harvesting . Hampang can be made ​​of nets , rubber , bamboo or wire ram equipped with a pole or poles driven into the bottom waters . Suitable location for mounting hampang : ± 0.5-3 m water depth with a depth fluctuations of no more than 50 cm , the flow is not too heavy , but enough to circulate the water in hampang . Essentially uncontaminated waters and a little muddy . Protected from waves and strong winds and protected from pests , diseases and predators ( predator ) . In essentially rocky waters , ballast should be used to help tighten the net . The distance between the poles Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia of bamboo / wood around 0.5-1 m .
maintenance Enlargement

Maintenance of fish that are completely free

completed harvest . 2 . Maintenance of fish that are completely free of disease . 3 . Avoid excessive stocking of fish exceeds capacity . 4 . The ideal water intake KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014system is parallel , each pool was given a water intake door . 5 . Feeding enough , both quality and quantity . 6 . Handling during harvest or removal of seeds should be done carefully and correctly . 7 . Animals such as birds , snails , fish thousand ( lebistus reticulatus Peters ) as a carrier of the disease should not be allowed entry into the area perkolaman . Latin name is tilapia fish Oreochromis mossambicus . Tilapia fish is a freshwater fish that originate from South Africa and was first discovered in Indonesia by Mr. Mujair .

Tilapia fish closely related to their sisters more popular , tilapia . Along fish manfish / angelfish , discus fish , fish and fish oscar lohan , tilapia fish and tilapia cichlid belonging to the family .


Tilapia fish live in groups . The place is ideal for live tilapia fish is in calm waters such as dams , rivers and freshwater lakes . Although tilapia fish can be kept in the aquarium , they will not grow as fast as tilapia fish are raised in ponds or outdoor . In some areas , tilapia fish seed sown in the fields during the growing season . Tilapia fingerlings will grow to the size of consumption ( 12-15 cm ) simultaneously when the rice is ready for harvest .

Tilapia fish species that are recalcitrant ( to adapt to the environmental conditions are not ideal ) . Tilapia fish has a high tolerance to salt in water ( salinity ) , so it can still survive in brackish water . They also can live in water with ammonia content of above average or with limited oxygen .

Tilapia fish has a relatively rapid growth rate , especially in shallow water . The reason is the rapid growth of aquatic plants in shallow water , so the tilapia fish get adequate food supply . Male tilapia fish have a growth rate 40 % faster than the female tilapia . Especially if maintenance is separated by sex

Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014( males specifically for maintenance without any females in the same pool ) .